In my previous post I showed what my summer students Kyle Harris and Matt Kaiser produced during their time at STScI. This summer, I also worked with the very talented Matt Brown. He was supervised by Tony Rogers, one of the most creative and prolific web-developers at STScI, to produce an iPhone and Android (prototype) App called SpaceRocks!  

As with the Hubble Mission XBOX Game, we wanted to produce something that would showcase Hubble and other missions images and give an idea to users of what astronomy is like. The goal was to build an iPhone App that could be used during casual conversation, science coffees, etc. Given the very fragmented mobile landscape, we decided early on to simple build a front-end to a set of image and search services. These services are de-coupled from the app, so once the apps is deployed we can change what sort of content the services return without any redeployment of the app itself.

Screenshots are provided in the gallery below.

It was this early choice of a service-oriented-architecture that allowed Matt to develop a prototype of an Android App in less that a week! See below.


In conclusion this summer was a great success and a lot of fun. We still have work to do to deploy Hubble Mission and SpaceRocks!, but we have learned so much in the process.

It was a blast! Thanks Kyle, Matt^2


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