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You're kidding, right? The problem with faxes isn't how cumbersome they are; like you said, they're the easiest things in the world to use. That's why all the grandmas and grandpas of the world still want to communicate with you using faxes.

No, the problem is infrastructure, or lack thereof. Do you know what percentage of the population still has landlines? OK, I don't either, but we all know that percentage is rapidly shrinking. Young kids just use their cellphones for everything. Being a bit older and having to communicate a lot abroad, as well as having a 6-year-old in the household that doesn't currently own a cell, I have an IP phone (a standalone Skype phone to be exact). Neither of those will let me send or receive faxes.

I held onto my landline for a few years just so that I could send/receive faxes, but when I realized one day that I use the fax machine, literally, like twice a year, I said the hell with it and got rid of the landline. Of course, once or twice a year, there comes a time when I seriously wish I had access to a fax machine in my home, and it drives me absolutely nuts.

I agree this app won't do jack shit, but it is true: the fax needs to be axed.

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