IVOA KML Discussion

Roy Williams is organizing a session on KML at the upcoming IVOA meeting in Trieste, Italy.
Among the things to be addressed (from Roy's email):
  • You think KML needs to be improved for astronomy and you have specific suggestions.
  • You have built a Google Sky mashup, and you would like 15 minutes to show it to the KML discussion.
  • You know how to use Google Sky for professional research astronomy.
I decided to keep a sort of log of KML apps, tutorials, etc as I find them. I'll keep adding to this post.
  1. Googler Mano Marks demonstrates techniques for using view based refresh (VBR), and other dynamic querying techniques in KML.

2. As he points how in the comments, Alasdair (who keep a blog I read daily... The Dailyack) there are:

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