Prank from Steve Jobs wannabe at Apple

Today I wrote my standard "astronomy is cool let's change the world" email to Apple: sjobs@apple.com

"Dear Mr Jobs,

my name is Alberto Conti and I am an astronomer part of the Community Mission Office at the Space Telescope Science Institute (http://www.stsci.edu web site)... "

and I got this reply:

From: Steve Jobs
Date: March 30, 2008 5:38:03 PM EDT
To: Alberto Conti
Subject: Re: Hubble Space Telescope and the iPhones

I'm sorry, but we're just too busy.

All the best,

I laughed for a long time. This is in line with something that happened today and was reported by DIGG here, where a Steve Jobs wannabe or someone at Apple with a sense of humor, addressed a customer that had spilled water on his mac and was complaining for the $300 fee Apple was going to charge just to look at the machine.

I am still laughing... Thanks Apple.

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