STS 120 at the Italian Embassy

Italian astronaut and STS-120 crew member Paolo Nespoli was the "star of honor" at last night's dinner at the Italian Embassy in DC. It was quite a charming event and Paolo brought the entire crew of STS-120. They share some nice footage of their trip, from take off to landing, and then we all had dinner "Italian style": delicate food and wine to match! The moscato dessert wine was simply wonderful!

The Space Telescope Science Institute was well represented. Duccio Macchetto (ESA - Head of Space Telescope Division) together with NASA's John Mather (Astronomer, Noble Price Winner in Physics and Senior Project Scientist of the James Webb Space Telescope.)

I also had a chance to see Prof. Alberto Devoto (on the last picture), Scientific Attache' at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C., who had invited me to give the GoogleSky talk. Prof. Devoto, besides being simply a great person all around, is truly interested in spreading science to the public: something really dear to me as well.

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  1. I had the privilege and honor of watching the STS-120 launch from Cape Canaveral as a guest of Paolo Nespoli. It was an exciting, unique and unforgettable experience.