Ideas for Success (Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google)

Take from Google CEO's talk at NASA 50th Anniversary
  • Open, scalable and flexible architectures
Some numbers:
  • Internet Nodes
    • 4 nodes (when internet was born)
    • 250,000 - 1,000,000 nodes (now)
  • Servers
    • 400 (Jan 1983 - Source DARPA)
    • 489,000,000 (July 2007 - Source Google)

Some quotes:

"When you build an innovation model, you want to build it in a way that is collaborative [...] and this is often at odds of what people think of government programs, business, etc."

"If you want to solve THE big problem, solve them with opening it up to the public and assume you do not have all the answers". NASA Centennial Science Program is a good example of this.

"In this interconnected world, we have to learn more quickly".
"Build open, simple systems [...] don't try to solve all problems now, build the simplest platform you can think of"

"Most spacecrafts cannot talk to each other in any significant way".
"Isn't it obvious that each spacecraft should have their own internet too? (crowd smiles...)

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