Depressing VO Attitude

I have had a few exchanges in some of the VO mailing list over the past few days and on the role of KML. This all got started when a post claimed that
  • "we can virtually guarantee that KML is going to become a standard in the astronomical community."
  • "Google has given us a new IVOA standard, it's KML, and we'd better get used to the idea."
something I actually agree on. And then we sort of all decided to disagree on how viable VOTables are as a VO standard, until someone
  • I suggest that Alberto and [...] set up their own VO where they can build the most perfect XML formats. And let the rest of us get on with the job with the sharp, flexible, and capable tools that we have all built over the last seven years. VOTable is one of those tools, and KML is becoming another.
This attitude is not only detrimental to the whole VO, but it's honestly that of someone who does not want to look around and even listen for opinions that express dissent. It's frankly a quite sad and proprietary of a "club" to which apparently I don't belong.

It made me laugh really hard: it reminded me of when I used to fight over a bucket of sand and the beach with my brother....
We all grow up at some point!


  1. Sounds like the FITS and IRAF people are well established in the NVO as well.

  2. Don't know all I know is that I am "too negative", clearly.