Layers: Constellations and Planets

Stefanie posted on her site and also on the GoogleSky Community an incredible constellation layer. It turns out that the images were processed right here at STScI and have been available on HubbleSource for some time: I had not idea!!!!

From HubbleSource:
With the kind cooperation of the U.S. Naval Observatory's Library we digitally scanned a complete set of exquisite engravings from the 17th century Uranographicarum star atlas by Johannis Hevelius. Following an elaborate process of digital cleaning, reconstruction and retouching we are happy to make available the images shown below. You are welcome to use them in planetarium shows, exhibits, videos, and other non-commercial applications. (Kindly credit the U.S. Naval Observatory and the Space Telescope Science Institute.
Additionally, Barbanu has just released yet something else that frankly is something we had hoped to see in the initial Google layer release: planets! Planet positions are automatically updated via a networklink every hour and there is an indication of the movement and direction. He has also an anumation of the last 60 days or so!
See the post at Google Earth Blog for all the details.

Both these layers really show the power of the community! So thanks Google for giving us GoogleSky.

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