Google Lunar X Price

Reading today's news I cannot be neutral on the new challenge Peter Diamandis and his X Price Foundation are putting out.

I met Peter in Barcelona, Spain in 1994 where I was a student for the International Space University (ISU is another of Peter's ideas!). I met him again as a teaching assistant at ISU in Stockholm, Sweden and I have closely followed his X Prize Foundation for some time.

Today, seeing his partnership with Google for a Lunar X Prize is really exciting! Google Moon has been only a toy at this point, but having little robots swarm the surface of the moon might one day allow us to actually explore our own satellite in much greater detail.

I would really love to see what a Spirit or Opportunity-like robot can do on the surface of the moon where the delay in communication is only of a second or so! I hope to witness swarms of rovers on the moon: mapping, analyzing, imaging, like it has never be done before.

I am a big fan of small compact rovers and satellites. With Google's ingenuity we might just open the moon for exploration the way it was supposed to be done!

And take a look at the video:

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