Dave De Young: State of the IVOA

It is an exiting time in astronomy. Many dvelopments have occured.
Astronomical Simulations
AGN Outflow

IVOA Goals:
An Alliance of VOs across the world. IVOA needs collaboration!

Events since Beijing
  • Promotion of Standards
  • 8 standards to Exec for Acceptance
    • Cone Search
    • SS Data MOdel
    • STC
    • Data Characterization Model
    • Single Sign-on
    • VOSpace
    • ...
Some major issues from Survey:
  • Pace of promotion to standards
  • IVOA and the astronomial community
  • IVOA and data centers
  • Transition to Operation
  • Website
  • Functioning of WGs and IGs

Progress made to date
  • Website resigned
  • Links to Exec more visible
  • Format of meetings revised
Current Issues:
  • Begin use of new standards
    • obtain feedback
    • revise as needed
  • Role of IVOA in the Era of Operations
  • Definition role of TCGs
  • App showcase, see program HERE

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