SciFoo Camp 2007 (Day 3)

The last day at SciFoo was also one of the most interesting. By now we are all tired, but we all pretty much know each other a little bit more and, like in the Stockholm syndrome, we were much more comfortable with each other and each other's ideas: so none of us "took prisoners" and many interesting ideas were presented.

Most importantly, I took away from this day not only a great list of books/topics (see below and here for the original post by Patric Tufts), but the tremendous energy of all gathered!

Must read books/articles/comments after SciFoo:
  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Robert Heinlein. Mentioned by Charles Simonyi, who carried it to the ISS and read it in space. (Amazon)
  • Quantifying global exergy resources. W. Hermann. Mentioned by Saul Griffith and Joost Bonsen of Howtoons. (pdf)
  • Cartesian Meditations. Husserl. Mentioned by Neal Stephenson.(Amazon)
  • The End of Time. Julian Barbour. Mentioned by Neal Stephenson. (Amazon)
  • The Road to Reality. Roger Penrose. Mentioned by Jaron Lanier. (Amazon)
  • "Reprocessing the Universe." John Wheeler. Mentioned by Lee Smolin.
  • The Mathematical Universe. Max Tegmark. Mentioned by Neal Stephenson. (arXiv)
  • The Theory of abstract objects. Edward N Zalta. Mentioned by Neal Stephenson. (website)
  • The usefulness of useless knowledge. Abraham Flexner. Mentioned by George Dyson. (excerpts at IAS)
  • How many humans can the earth support. Joel E. Cohen. Mentioned by Kim Stanley Robinson. (Amazon)
  • The world, the flesh, and the devil: an enquiry into the future of the three enemies of the rational soul (1929). John Desmond Bernal. Mentioned by Greg Bear. (copy)
  • The myths of innovation. Scott Berkun. Distributed at SciFoo. (Amazon)
  • 23andme.com - Genomics. Mentioned by Anne Wojcicki (co-founder) and Esther Dyson (board member). (website)
  • Freebase - Open source data. Mentioned by Danny Hillis (co-founder) and me (founding team). (website)
  • JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). Mentioned by Moshe
    Pritsker (website)
  • Bioscreencast.com - screencast sharing for life scientists. Mentioned by Deepak Singh. (website)
  • Eigenfactor.org - ranking and mapping scientific knowledge. Mentioned by
    Carl Bergstrom (website)
but also, must read Blogs from SciFoo 2007 (in random order):Ultimately, just Google it!!!

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