The First Annual NASA IT Summit #nasait

I have spoke at length about Day 1 of the first annual NASA IT Summit here, but I think a blog post of the other two days with some photos would actually be abetter recap of the whole experience.

The Summit was very well organized, in an amazing convention center and offered lots of opportunities to network and interact with the many speakers. 

Many of the speakers were simply superb not only for their delivery (think Vint Cerf, David Cearly, Alexander Karman, Chris Kemp) but also because of the excitement and the buzz that surrounded many of the talks afterwards.

Instead of simply writing a paragraph or two, I though I'd try something different and present a story of the Summit via my own tweets and some pictures. Clearly this is a little limiting since I did not tweet for every talk, and I most certainly was not able to attend all the talks (and they were many!), but after all this is my own "recollection" of the Summit.


  • Vernice Armour: "Zero to Breakthrough"
    I left after it looked like it was going to be yet again a "feel good", no substance and plenty of generalizations talk
  • Vivek Kundra (Federal CIO)
    WOW: what a politician. Flowless speech about the need for innovation in the Federal realm.
  • Panel: needs too be culturally sensitive... Hmm I think we need too be technology sensitive first #nasait
  • Kemp: CTO is a mini analyst to make better investment decisions. CTO is embedded in the CIO team #nasait
  • Kemp: drive standards. Nasa rejoined W3C. What is our should be state? Future state is on a web site, wrong often but public. #nasait
  • Kemp: maximize scientist productivity. CIOs are customer obsessed , CTOs should be mission obsessed #nasait
  • Kemp: break the isolation cycle.Implement commodity services. Develop relationships with industry. Reduceduplication. IT is 10% #nasait
  • Kemp: NASA employees should not wait in line at the apple store #nasait
  • Panel: need simplicity, need risk management. Kemp: now state, should state, future state. CTO must look at what's next#nasait
  • Kemp's via a robot. Centers need to create and disrupt the status quo in order you move forward #nasait
  • Magnum: CTO needs too ask each center: why are you not working at the pace of innovation? And push each center #nasait
  • Panel: The theme seems too be that collaboration is a must have for NASA.Key is how. #nasait
  • Pettus: one size might not fit all. Panel: we need tools too enable knowledge management and sharing. What's thee research agenda? #nasait
  • Gardner: Space Act agreements must be leveraged across all centers. Keep engaging industry collaborations. #nasait
  • Gardner: we should adopt proven solutions across data centers. #nasait
  • Pettus: collaboration is just working together on common tasks. Collaboration leads to innovation #nasait
  • Chris Kemp will be here but via tele-presence.They just brought in his any-robot... #nasait
  • Wondering if Kemp will give a talk our not. Video maybe? Eager to hear about Nebula and to get my account and start few testing #nasait
  • Pettus (Marshall) it's nice to have a leader who pushes the envelope #nasait


  • RT @hackshaven: The "gaming generation" drives adoption of new technology. Today's toys are tomorrow's tools. #nasait
  • Blitch Disney imagineering: from blue sky to concept development via BIM and IPD #nasait
    It was mostly a one hour long commercial for Disney... FAIL
  • Vinton Cerf (Google) is my solution to alzheimer #nasait
  • Cerf Interplanetary network' s goal is to produce standards #nasait
  • Cerf how how do you make data usable over decades? Cloud computing is perhaps key.need standards for clouds communications #nasait
  • Cerf High delay and episodic connectivity is the norm in space. Data curation essential. Need better metadata on instrument#nasait
  • Cerf TCP-IP won't work. New protocol developed as open source software. Used by DARPA as well #nasait
  • Cerf Interplanetary internet motivated by the mars missions "stored and forward method" #nasait
  • Cerf the smart grid is just the beginning for resource management #nasait
  • Cerf You are on vacation and you get an email: it's your refrigerator #nasait
  • Cerf All devices must support string authentication #nasait
  • Cerf software and hardware are becoming our partners #nasait
  • Cerf Number of machines on the network doubles every 5-6 years #nasait
  • Cerf IT must be multi mission. #nasait
  • Cerf I learn so much from young people at google #nasait
  • Burmeister (CEO Inspiron) surveys, some statistics, but no substance with lots of generalizations. Socrates? #nasait
    Probably the worst talk of all the summit: no substance, generalizations and "feel good" motivational speaker... I only stayed because Vinton Cerf was coming up next...



  • Northrop Grumman's Karman:  awesome mobile scenarios. We need standards for the mobile cloud to become reality
  • Karman: Perishable user demand: I want it now or not at all. How do we keep up? Think client, RIAs, hypervisors on phones?
  • Cearley (Gartner): unifying the digital and the real world will explode. In 2015-2020 we will see context delivery architecture #NASAIT
  • Cearley: Run analytics in memory. Analytics needs skills not technology. The future is mobile #NASAIT
  • Cearley: analytics! The trend to make sense of data. Must be accessible enabling mashups #NASAIT
  • Cearley: (gartner) : unified social communication and collaboration. Netflix prize and Einstein@home as an example #NASAIT
  • Cearley gartner : you will be a cloud service provider #NASAIT
  • Cearley gartner: cloud computing activities 1. Consume 2. Implementation 3. Development Apps #NASAIT
  • Cearley gartner: Finally high energy in the room. Top 10 trends: cloud, social, analytics, mobile, context,... #NASAIT
  • Stikeleather (DELL CIO): every device will be virtualized. Here we go: the electric industry comparison... pretty obvious conclusion #NASAIT
  • Stikeleather: each of us will have a personal virtual server. Apps will go away replaced by metada on the cloud which you search #NASAIT
  • Stikeleather: Software as a service is likely to kill open source. Dell CIO #NASAIT
  • Stikeleather: Stab at Apple but seems mostly envy... he has a point I want "my device" wherever I go #NASAIT


Tweet (many of them mine) on a flat screen outside the auditorium.







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