A Visual History of the American Presidency

The Visual History of the American Presidency is a new poster by Nathaniel Pearlman of Timeplots, displaying the progress and development of the U.S. executive over time. It visualizes a range of interconnected political, social, and economic measures to tell the story of each president’s legacy, creating individualized narratives within the larger context of American political history.

This work is part of the “A Visual History of…” series of posters from Timeplots. Already visualized are the Supreme Court and the Senate of the United States. All posters are available as 32×48 inch high quality prints.

I am impressed by the clarity and density of the represented information. The layout and chosen visualization methods allow for direct comparison of different dimensions while keeping the separate charts readable and understandable. In my opinion it’s a really good example of a static visualization that achieves different levels of detail nonetheless.

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