BBC The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartography

BBC The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartograpy [bbc.co.uk] is yet another example of a BBC television series which focuses on matters concerning data visualization. It is another proof how visualization is becoming an interesting feature in popular press.

While the online video clips are restricted to people living in the UK (snif), foreigners are still able to explore a couple of compelling example projects, such as a NASA Map of the dark side of the Moon, Phillippe Bourcier's map of the movement of data on the Internet, the most complete map of the universe, a map of social conversations on blogs, next to a whole section dedicated to historical maps. The last episode even delves inside the world of political and satirical maps.

People living in the UK are welcome to make the rest of us jealous, and describe the quality of the series in the comments section below.

In the meantime, others have the chance to marvel at YouTube's surprising top search results of the query "beauty of maps".

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