On a One-Way mission to Mars

I loved two thoughts from Peter Diamandis' Wall Street Journal article, together with an audacious prediction of where we will be in the next several decades.

"Perhaps the most important factor is the empowerment of youth over the graybeards now running the show. The average age of the engineers who built Apollo was 28; the average age in the aerospace workforce is now over 50. Young doers have less to risk when proposing bold solutions."

"Within the next several decades, privately financed research outposts will be a common sight in the night sky. The first one-way mission to Mars will be launched. Mining operations will spring up on the moon. More opportunities we have yet to even comprehend will come out of the frontier. One thing is certain: The next 50 years will be the period when we establish ourselves as a space-faring civilization."

—Peter Diamandis is chief executive of the X Prize Foundation, a nonprofit that conducts incentivized competitions. He is also CEO of Zero Gravity, which offers weightless flights; and chairman of the Rocket Racing League, an interactive entertainment company.

Full article here: http://bit.ly/bO1qFS

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