Google launches Google Energy, hoping to bring more green energy to its datacenters

from Engadget by Tim Stevens

@(Unverified) It is quite obvious what Google is trying to do. ( We all had that hunch since forever, didn't we? ) But the question remains whether the 'Google totally controls our lives in every aspect' is a good thing or bad. The only reason we think of it as bad is because we don't like the idea of any one entity becomes way stronger than others. But the fact remains that the rise of Google from a small company to a giant against all the corporations shows that they are doing things better ( the way consumers like). Google has not only proved that it has better services, but also great business acumen. Linux ( Despite the fact that it's better for customers from a monetary point of view and at least good as Windows from a technical point of view, and of course best suited to developers) could never replace Windows, because the developers and the companies associated with Linux could not sell the idea to the consumers( The average PC user who are the majority). On the other hand Microsoft raked profits by throwing money on advertising, bullying vendors, etc. to remain on top. Maybe it is a message for all the corporations and more importantly the principles of capitalism ( that maximum profit is the goal of every business) to rethink(evolve?) their fundamentals and start working from scratch. Competition(with just profit in mind for the corporations ) does not always guarantee the best for the consumers. The interest of the consumers( short term and long term ) is as important for a corporation as the need to profit. In fact, to be more precise, the profits of corporations are closely linked to the benefit of the consumer unlike the earlier thinking of the consumer getting the best as a BY-PRODUCT of companies trying to profit.

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