Brilliant Article - The Coming Tornado: Cloud in the Enterprise by Aaron Levie (Box.net)

Great article from TechCrunch by Aaron Levie (Box.net) about how the cloud is moving to the enterprise http://bit.ly/63nd5T

"Unplanned downtime is no longer a valid argument against the Cloud". IT departments like ours are always finding excuses of this type not to embrace the cloud.
And more close to home: "According to a study by The Radicati Group, companies with onsite email solutions averaged 30-60 minutes of unscheduled downtime and 36-90 minutes of planned downtime per month in 2008 [...] Google’s Enterprise unit estimated that Google Apps downtime totaled a mere 10-15 minutes per month. Furthermore, cloud vendors front the bill to get the server back online, not your internal IT team."

Perhaps the issue is that many organizations have yet to realize that as applications and platforms change, so must the people using them!

" IT will move from a pure systems and process management function to a business success through technology service. "

"Imagine a world where IT is defined as a means to increase margin through people and process productivity gains, rather than an expense to the organization
. "

"And because cloud-based platforms can be woven together, it’s no longer about forcing your business to fit a one-sized-fits-all solution, but rather designing a solution to fit your business."

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