Five Things to Watch in Astronomy in 2010

Credit: NASA

Well first off I hope everybody had a good year and 2010 is even better.

Here’s my list of five things to watch for in the new year:

1.  Hubble’s new camera.  The servicing mission is complete and Hubble is in fine form.  Hat’s off to everybody involved.  We have only seen the beginning of the great things to come.

2.  Sunspots!  Finally it appears the new sunspot cycle 24 is finally getting going much to the delight of ham radio operators everywhere.  YAY!  I am hoping (not predicting) the increase in solar activity is rather rapid, although the “predictions” seem to indicate the peak will be somewhat muted.  Still, think auroras!

3.  WISE.  The WISE spacecraft jettisoned the lens cap just the other day and very soon it will be starting to survey the sky.

4.  Oh the conspiracy theorists are going to go nuts!  Heck they’ve already started.  You may have heard the story about the Russians thinking about a mission to see if they can bump the asteroid Apophis into a different orbit, EVEN though NASA says chances of it hitting in 2036 is slim after downgrading the initial 1 in 37 initial chance.  I heard a Discovery.com rep saying well they are just really sensitive because of the Tunguska event and a lot of the ground track is in Russia.  However I read today a comment to an article on SOTT, go read it and decide for yourself, but be sure to read the comment at the end.

5.    Finally, after losing my beloved Phoenix this past year, I was lucky enough to get a commitment from a breeder for a new puppy this coming year.  A puppy is a lot of work, but I’m up for it, and this isn’t just any dog.  Both parents and both sets of grandparents are either American or European Champion/Grand Champion working dogs.  What? A  Doberman of course :-D

I’m working this weekend, but you all  have a great holiday and STAY SAFE!!

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