New office, new look

Today I moved to a new office. I decided it was time to free Mr Incredible from his 2D-wall position into a more appropriate 3D position.

Mr Incredible is finally in free.
But I should explain the real story behind Mr Incredible.

Randy Thompson's wife Karen is to "blame" or thank. She has a moment of pure and hilarious honesty in Pasadena a while ago. As we were all exiting the airport a huge billboard stood in front of us. It was Mr Incredible, flying with a huge belly and above him a note: "No Gut, No Glory". Upon looking at this magnificent site, she turned to me and said "that looks like you"...
The week after, thanks to her connections at National Geographic, she sent me a full size Mr Incredible. He has been keeping me company in my office ever since.

Thanks Karen!!!

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