Mac G4 Cube and old macs

A few days ago I successfully rebooted my old Mac SE/30 and installed Apple System 7.5.5 on it. It works well after a simple hard drive swap, thanks to my good friend Nat Kobitz.

Nat, a retired engineer, is one of the sharpest minds I have met and has always been a big Mac fan. While installing a wireless router at him home, he mentioned he has some old Macs and wanted to start cleaning the office. He gave me a Mac IIsi, a IIcx and a 1GB internal drive which I unded up using on my SE/30.
The IIsi seems totally dead, not sure about the IIcx.

So I decided to revive an old Mac G4 Cube my friend Linda is not using anymore. It has a HUGE 17" CRT screen that can drive 1600x1200 resolution and I wanted to see what OS I could install on it.

So, today I tried any Linux I could get my hands on...
  • Ubuntu 8.10 and 8.04
  • Open SUSE 11.1 NET Install
  • Finnix ppc
  • Geexbox 1.2 ppc (technically a media center linux)
None of the above worked in an easy to install way.
So, finally, I decided that the best OS for an old G4 Cube is really OSX Tiger!