Twitter, Where is Hubble Looking now? etc...

This year GoogleSky has two new students. Josh Perlow, one of the team members of the Pirelli Award winning team, and Alex Pokluda from Canada.

  • Alex has been working with us to take the conesearch from several databases developed by Brian McLean and return a properly formatted KML. He is doing all of this in C#.

    He also found out that libkml (the kml library written by Google) has a Visual Studio solution in the zipped file! Alex has been trying to compile it under Visual Studio 2008 so that all our project can take advantage of it.

    He is also looking at the astrometry.net code, which he has been trying to compile for a few days. The Astrometry.net guys are helping.

  • Josh instead is off prototyping twitter apps that give Hubble information, but I think he will help finish the "where is hubble looking now?"

    He is also interested in pursuing the fundraising avenue... let's see what happens.

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