Google Summer of Code Ideas

Among the project we'd like to work on this summer, if with any luck we get accepted as a mentoring organization (again) and get students interested in our work, are ideas for astronomical content on other platforms/devices. The iPhone comes to mind.

So... here are a few ideas:
  • Use the built-in (crude) GPS on the iPhone to geo-tag your sky images. Unfortunately, the iPhone's camera is terrible, but one can imagine using it the position to show you the sky about in GoogleSky (web).
  • Galaxy Classification (ala GalaxyZoo), but using your iPhone
  • OPO's content on an iPhone that is location aware
  • VO Data, extending Mike Fitzpatrick's work (which I think is absolutely GREAT, more on this later).

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  1. Another idea: use the built-in GPS on the iPhone and Google Sky to send real-time reports on light pollution conditions in various areas of the world (bonus: learning about the constellations). Show this data on Google Maps to see which are best for observing trips. And maybe find with Google Ride Finder fellow amateur astronomers who are willing to give you a ride to those spots, and have fun together talking about the sky.