I don't sleep much (and I can now prove it)

Thanks to the power of Google and it's ability to record anything I search for, I can finally take a look at my own sleeping patterns, or at least at when I search and how much I search.

I sleep between 1-2am and 5-6am and I start using my computer as soon as I wake up!

Also it's apparent that the only work I do is between 4pm and 7pm, right before I start cooking my dinner: notice the huge drop in searches. It's also clear that, since this is an average over the past year (all time stats have pretty much the same shape but a large number of searches), that I don't drop at sleeping time number of searches during dinner hours, meaning I really don't eat dinner like an Italian should!

Perhaps it's because I work too much and I have not learn how to enjoy life a litte more and be patient. The latter, apparently, can be learned!!! Take a look at THIS.

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