STScI Technology Showcase

SOA What?" (Mitch Daniels, IBM)
With all of the buzz around Service Oriented Architects today, it may lead you to ask the question SOA What?! This presentation will be a practical look at Services Oriented Architecture; looking at what is real or hype, why are customers adopting it, what is the impact of SOA on business, technology and individuals, who is doing it and when and where you can learn more about SOA.
Learn more... SOA1, SOA2

"Astronomical Data Tagging, Web 2.0 meets Astronomy in the HLA." (Niall Gaffney)
Web 2.0 is more than just a marketing buzzword, it is a symbol of a paradigm shift in how communities interact with data via the web. In this talk I explore some of the concepts of web 2.0 systems to see how we can bring some of the successes from other much larger online communities to the astronomical web community, in particular bringing data tagging to the HLA.

Niall gave a nice live demo of Lucene and how he tweaked it to search on some astronomical databases... He proposed a "Astro-Tube" model or a "Amazon-like" model for browsing astronomical data. Very nice indeed...

Web + VO + Data Base Technologies = HLA Footprints (Gretchen Greene and Brian McLean)
HLA Footprints enable the astronomer to find accurate information about the spatial coverage for HST observations. Using SOA technology, we bring to the scientist a straightforward and intuitive means for searching and viewing graphical representations of aperture footprints.
The footprints simultaneously relate to the metadata tags of the underlying scientific observations. The performance has been tuned using database technologies in combination with a clever spherical geometric library developed by collaborators at The Johns Hopkins University.

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