Hubble Space Telescope Public Lecture Series

Last night Carol Christian and I, gave a public lecture at Space Telescope Science Institute (where we both work) as part of the Hubble Public Talks. The topic was "The Making of Google Sky" (real player) and you can find more information about this and other talks at http://hubblesite.org/about_us/public-talks.shtml

Sky in Google Earth was launched in August 2007, and has become a very popular extension of an already popular program. The hope is that both the public and researcher swill enjoy exploring the digital sky through this interface. Dr. Christian and Dr. Conti, leaders of the STScI Team that wor ked with Google on the project, share their experience in building Google Sky and show the latest additions enthusiastically supplied by researchers. The potential to bring huge amounts of new astronomical data to the public through Sky, and other new interfaces coming online, is starting to be realized.
The Hubble Public lecture program consists of lectures on a diverse selection of cosmic topics are held the first Tuesday of every month at 8 PM in the STScI Auditorium, located at 3700 San Martin Drive on the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University. Admission is free and free parking is available in the lot across the street.

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