ADASS XVII: VIM (R. Williams)

Description of the architecture, how the grid is uses.
Screenshot of VIM (depressing complex interface), shown mining NED, NVSS, SDSS-Spectra. The view seems really busy.

The input is a VO service that gets the data from the VO.
Multicone: N sources + radius

One can join the sources into a source table, where each source is matched (true?). Interestingly one can do arithmetic on each of the source columns.

Each table is stored with its own metadata and one has the option to select some of the columns returned. A crude measure of the cross-match is also provided, in the form of XXXXXXXX

It's available for Mac and Linux and is scalable, since it's runs asynchronously... currently VIM contains 2x10^9 sources.

VIM contains cone searches, SIAP services, and SSAP services.

VIM contains Multicone, Sort and Select, Compute new columns, Joins, Upload and Caching and Download (KML included)

Cutouts are co-registered to the same pixel frame.

  • pyton 2.x
  • need a webserver
  • install using the unpack.py package
It seems to need a lot of "data passing" to other tools, like TopCat...

VIM can be scripted, a simple dictionary is available.

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