ADASS XVII: Horses or Coconuts (D. Schade)

David Schade (CADC Director?)

Funny introduction about the UK, quickly degenerated into an Eric Clapton show...
The VO: King Arthur and the Holy Grail.

Quests run into challenges, obstacles, crises... We are near a critical point in VO.

Scientists are not using VO services in large numbers

The CORE Science Case for the VO is "The ability to effectively locate the data that is of specific interest to your science project":
  • Sophisticated queries
    • powerful enough to locate the most suitable dataset or show a null result
  • All major datasets
    • 90% fo the dataset will not satisfty 90% of astronomers
IVOA Activities should support the achievement within 2 years of the Core Science Case for VO
  • Improving standards
    • Next generation images access
    • Data Characterization (Data quality, etc...)
  • Implementation on ALL (100%) of major data collections
    • Data engineering
    • Service implementation
    • Resource need to be available
    • Example:: EURO-VO DCA
VO Content is critically important.

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