ADASS XVII: Cloudscape: Virtual Environments in the VO (M. Graham)

The problem: utility computin:
  • I need more users, more data, more job
  • Throwing more resources at it is the usual approach... but
Virtualization is actually starting to solve this problem (somehow). So one can start thinking about virtual workspaces, implemented with Virtual Machines as a abstraction of an host machine (Parallels, VMWare, Xen, etc...)

Existing technologies:
  • Amazon EC2
  • Flexiscale from XCalibre/Virtual Iron
  • Google/Microsoft
One might need a further abstraction (on top of the virtualization one): Globus Workspace is a possible solution.Link
  • WSRF (Web Service Resource Framework)
  • ...
The VO solution is based on VOSpace...

[lost in transreption]

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