Maryland Space Business Roundtable

Today I attended a luncheon at the Maryland Space Business Roundtable in Washington DC.
The Maryland Space Business Roundtable (MSBR) is an organization that encourages the growth and development of aerospace-related business in Maryland. We are a major contributor in the continuous fight to keep major projcts at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and to keep other DOD facilities within the state of Maryland, such as supporting the expansion of the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River. We lead the aerospace section of the Governor's campaign to expand the state's business base, providing specific recommendations to improve the business climate.
Our director, Dr. Matt Mountain, gave a nice presentation about the state of science carried out by Hubble and how the 4th Servicing Mission will add extra instruments that will focus on Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Matt made a giant leap when he showed how astronomy has changed from Galileo to GoogleSky... Matt showed Galileo's drawing of the moons of Jupiter and then our press release video for GoogleSky. I felt a little embarrassed by the comparison, but it drove the point home nicely!

Great job Matt!!!

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