GoogleSky: Google Pittsburgh and STScI

Reading the flurry of news that keep showing up on my email and on my browser about GoogleSky, I have to admit I feel a little sad about the total lack of credit that some member of our team get!

Andrew Connolly, Ryan Scranton and Simon Krughoff (all at Google Pittsburgh at the time of development) deserve a lot of the credit for working nights and week-end on stitching sky data onto the Google client. They are almost unmentioned in the press and yet they did all the work for the SDSS images and most of the work for DSS images, helped by STScI's Brian McLean in the early stages of the project.

We, Carol Christian and myself, also spent endless days working on alignment, coding and projections to make sure Hubble images would really be the centerpiece of GoogleSky. Ken Anderson helped with his python skills. I worked mostly on coding in C# and the Hubble press release database, while Carol devoted endless hours aligning images in GoogleSky with all of the available tools an astronomer has: images, catalogs, etc.

It's just sad to see that the press picked up a New York Times article the morning of the release, which was in itself a spin-off from the BBC from what I can tell, and ran with it. Few people did actually do their homework!

In any case, GoogleSky has been and is a team effort!

Here is the Google Pittsburgh video release:

and STScI's press release:

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