Wye River MeetingL: Rots

DM Working Group

Spectral DM Java library prototype nearly ready.
Atomic Line Data draft available
VO dataset description going on... not fully finished
Spectral Model (1D, time series, SED): SED should be moved out of this document
        Working with NED about serialization issues
Space Time Coordinates
        Use of STC in VO table is still unsolved
Hot Issues:
        Full STC?
        Metadata inspection?
        Conversion of metadata to new coordinate system

        Need useful VO services
        DM Model doc -> class library and DAL access protocol -> implies transmission format

STS Status
Version 1.2+
Simplification and or new features added
- New -
General need to be able to refer to any piece of information. Xlink

Lots of discussion took place on “sloppy” STC coordinates and the use or lack of defaults.

Bob: we need to make progress now. VOEvent needs coordinates, Footprinting service needs coordinates. STC has been in the making for 4 years, but now there is a real need for a working prototype.

Closing (Bob)
Arnold + Roy to write a roadmap for the STC.
Gretchen: coverage piece of the STC. Coverage information is needed.

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