Wye River Meeting: Summary and Action Items


Notes on agreements and actions. Please see the presentations attached below for details.

Registry: Need to include test query in the registry, i.e., and query provided by the service provider that is known to work and return good results. This can be added to the service metadata schema and does not affect RM V1.1. RM V1.1 will soon have an open comment period for promotion to Recommendation.

Data Models: CfA developing Java software library for Data Model support. Team would like to see specifications, capabilities, etc. STC Lite has been withdrawn. New approach is to make almost all STC elements optional. Defaults would be “unknown”. Arnold and Roy agreed to write roadmap for reaching closure on STC.

Query Language: Maria is cleaning up the ADQL document. Discussed concerns about supporting multiple cross-match algorithms.

Data Access Layer: Need to finish SSAP specification. Doug and Jonathan have several near-term deliverables (final spectrum DM, final SSAP interface definition). Agreed to put the cone search protocol through the official IVOA standards process. Ray will format the document.

Logging: Topic needs further technical discussion. Agenda item for TechWG telecons. Resolve how to handle RunIDs.

NVO and PDS: Ludmilla Kolokolova (PDS/UMd) gave an overview of the PDS system. Most PDS data access is based on object or dataset name, not sky position. Ludmilla agreed to consult with PDS collaborators and come up with 2 or 3 science use cases where NVO and PDS datasets could be used together.

VOForum: Team members tried out us-vo.org/forum/ and agreed that it was useful. Action on Sarah, Roy, Mike F., and Bob to finalize configuration and seed with messages from the feedback@us-vo.org e-mail archive.

NVO Summer School. NVOSS II generally seen as successful. Tom agreed (tentatively) to chair NVOSS III. NSF has given verbal support for NVOSS III. Agreed to stay with same time frame and location, though we noted that the IVOA Interop will be in Moscow the next week.

NVO Advisory Committee. Will meet on 16-17 Feb 2006 at JHU. WBS leaders please plan to be on hand.

Applications and January AAS Meeting: Agreed on theme for AAS exhibit, “critical mass.” That is, NVO provides access to huge amounts of data. Develop poster showing numbers (# collections, # TB, # sites) and map of geographic distribution. Agreed to feature four science applications (though others will be available if people are interested).

* DataScope with VOEvent feed (Tom)
* Spectrum Browser with new additions (Tamas)
* WCSFixer (Mike F., Jeremy)
* Quick Inventory (John)

The latter are new applications. We did not choose which implementation of WCSFixer to highlight. Requirement is that the application run completely via a web browser and that the user gets good graphical feedback. The Quick Inventory is based on John Good’s density maps, with some additions to the user interface.

The developer’s should announce the availability of their applications to the team ASAP. The following people agreed (or were volunteered) to do some serious testing as soon as the applications are ready:

* DataScope/VOEvent: Rob, Simon, Ramon
* Spectrum Browser: Matthew, Frank, Simon
* WCSFixer: Roy, Stephen L., Ed, Arnold
* Inventory: Bob, Tom, Ray

Other testers are welcome. Agreed that these applications should be frozen by 15 Dec.

Want to add quick query box to NVO home page. User can enter object name or position and send query to DataScope or the Inventory service directly. Might also add direct query to registry.

Also, highlight NVOSS-II award winners and promote NVOSS-III.

Next Team Meeting: 3-4 April 2006 at Caltech.

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