Wye River Meeting: Nieto

ADQL Status and News

ADQL and SkyNodes WS 1.0? not in production yet
JVO plans on releasing a SkyNode toolkit for building a sKyNode with DAL integration
ADQL <-> SQL Stranslator: progress made
SkyNode: full skynode implementation released at NVOSS 2005 (still issues)
OpenSkyQuery being revised to go over the 5000 limit; work on parallelt system to allow Large-scale query and XMatch (long term).
VOTech: Vizier implement catalogs as SkyNodes -> how does this propagate to the registry?

- Need to address issues (like Vizier) before the portal breaks down. We need a sharper definition of how a SkyNode is defined.

ADQL now has a core and an extension
        Includes 2 new different XMATCH functions. XMATCH -> XMATCH_chi2(a,b,sigma); XMATCH_distance()
        The definition of the XMATCH function will be taken out of the SkyNode definition.
        Reservations: Alex (and I agree) thinks that this approach (that of allowing for many different XMATCH functions, is potentially         dangerous in the end.

        - “!” operator problem
        - SkyNode: high level data access service?
        - VOStore -> Async mechanism
        - Define Units syntax
        - Querying by UCDs / Utype
        - Integration with Catalog Data Model

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